2017 Innovation Track

2017 Innovation Track

Welcome to the Innovation Track

The Innovation Track will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. The future of finance will not be built on software changes or new digital channels. It will be built on how we take the channels we have created to the next level. There will be breakthroughs in security and your members will soon demand things that once seemed to distant and difficult to deploy. Payments will be faster, smarter, more efficient and you will need to find new ways to monetize these new rails. How will you keep up? We will discuss the latest developments and innovations in Artificial intelligence, digital communities, interchange erosion, and identity with a focus on what this means for finance. Come find out why Credit Unions are in the best position to succeed in the new digital world.

Top of App - Interchange Erosion
Successfully surviving in a new digital world requires meeting your members on their terms, offering solutions that fit within their existing digital lifestyles. There is ample evidence of the types of brands/service providers with which this group has forged relationships (Uber, Venmo, Netflix, Amazon)- all leverage technology to simplify daily tasks that earlier generations are comfortable addressing in old-school offline ways. Credit unions need to pivot in order to capitalize on continually evolving technology and consumer preferences in order to cement "top of app status," just as they used to strive for top of wallet.

Raspberry Pie Workshop
Ever wonder what a 35$ dollar computer can do? Come find out in our hands on Raspberry PI workshop. Any one can attend and we will do a step by step setup on the Raspberry PI and create a simple program to learn the power of Maker computing.

Chat is the New Browser
It seems like every day we hear a new story about Artificial intelligence and the amazing gains we are making in the industry. Come learn why products like Alexa , Google home and Facebook chat are rapidly becoming the most convienent way for members to interact with your institution and why this technology will eventually replace internet browsers.

Using Big Data to Manage Risk and Enhance Member Engagement
Using big data to drive strategic marketing decisions on a limited budget has been a part of the credit union conversation for years. If you work at a credit union that hasn’t started focusing on coming up with a game plan to tackle the data monster, don’t worry, you are not alone. The good news about data is that there’s no shortage of opportunities to leverage its power beyond the marketing plan. Big data can have a huge impact on how your credit union not only manages risk, but also enhances member engagement. Join Adam Elliot, President and Co-Founder of ID Insight and Keith Richmond, Director of Client Reporting and Analytics for Affinion Insurance Solutions as they share some key industry insights on how you can mitigate risk and deepen your member relationships. You will understand how far big data has come; compare how financial institutions apply a big data lens when it comes to solving some of their most complex challenges, including specific risk management use cases; assess how tapping into big data can help you understand more about your credit union’s generations and list what steps you can take to use big data to reach millennials (and beyond!) You’ll leave this session with ideas and specific action items you can take back to your credit union to help you take your big data strategy to the next level.

Sovrin Identity - Protecting Member Identity in a Big Data world
Self-sovereign identity is the foundation for a new kind of identity system called Sovrin that provides the means of using verifiable claims to build trustworthy relationships. A self-sovereign identity system with verifiable claims provides increased privacy and control for credit union members, more transparent consent for members and credit unions, opens new business opportunities for credit unions as third party claims providers, and reduces or eliminates integration costs while making systems simpler. Join Phil Windley, the Chair of the Sovrin Foundation as he delves into the Sovrin identity.

Cu Ledger - Credit Union Cases
CULedger is an industry-wide credit union network that leverages distributed ledger technology (often referred to as blockchain) to provide a launchpad for new innovation and vendor-supplied applications to the credit union industry. Come see the latest in identity and fraud reduction technology using distributed ledger.

Reimagining Lending …is Digital Transformation the Solution?
Five generations of members, a world where smart phones are the norm, and “click it” now satisfaction is what the consumer wants. How do credit unions maintain our brand value - the Member Experience - while competing for our members’ loans in this new age of financial services? Joe Brancucci will explore this and other aspects of the current era of financial services in this session.


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