2017 Analytics Track

2017 Analytics Track

Welcome to the Analytics Track

The analytics track is designed for those that understand their world is changing and seek a way to stay ahead of the curve. Analytics is not an “IT project’, it is a core strategy that must be completely embraced by FIs to not only survive but to thrive. Data is the new Gold and FIs must find a way to collect, store and mine that data. Outside of the big banks, most FIs lack the resources or the time to implement the technology and the processes to harness the full potential of analytics. We will be looking at how analytics can be implemented at any FI, regardless of size, from a number of perspectives that include, implementing a winning analytics strategy, collaborating with other FIs to achieve data scale and share applications, the power of predictive analytics, how to best visualize data, what is trending in Big Data technology and seeing what other FIs have already done. There has never been a conference like this, for those who believe that analytics is the future – you have come to the right place.

Using Analytics to Drive Intelligent Loan Portfolio Management Decisions
In this session, Michael Cochrum will demonstrate how an effective application of business intelligence can help a credit improve efficiencies, lower risk and management profitability. Michael will demonstrate how credit unions today are using Static Pool Analysis to identify strengths and weakness, Credit Score Migration to monitor changing risk and Custom Default Modeling to improve credit decisions, pricing and loss prediction. Using Business Intelligence strategies, credit unions are going well beyond standard operational reports to make business decisions.

Leveraging Data To Create A Solid Growth Strategy Foundation – A Credit Union Success Story
Learn how Our Community Credit Union, (Asset size $350 Million) located in the Pacific Northwest was able to connect its data to gain insights to help them better understand their members, such as the following:

  • MEMBER NEXT PRODUCT: Identifying the make, model and competition for member’s next vehicle.
  • MEMBER PURCHASE BEHAVIOR: Identify where members shop, buy their groceries, fast food, and gas.
  • MEMBER MEDIA CONSUMPTION: Identify what members are most likely to watch, read and listen to.
  • DISRUPTORS: Identify who is currently disrupting your business.
Attendees at this session will gain valuable insights into how Our Community Credit Union was able to embrace the data and shift from an intuitive or “gut” decision making process to one that is data-centric. This is a true case study format, so be prepared to learn!

Lessons for Building an Analytics Culture at your CU
In this entertaining session, you will learn all of the steps in developing your data plan including some real-life data ‘fails’ and ‘misses’ that you will be able to avoid. This is a must session for credit union leaders looking at taking their data utilization to the next level.

On the Path to the Promised Land …. People Data …. the Future of Marketing
The Future of Marketing is upon us – People Data and the analytics to refine it are maturing at an unprecedented pace to make everyday insights about the individual a tangible reality. This session will delve into a basic understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’ leveraging People Data is not only possible, but necessary to maintain your competitive edge in the forthcoming reformation of consumer insights, marketing, and advertising.

Applying Big Data Technology at a credit union - A Case Study
As the leading provider of IT solutions to financial institutions across Canada and ranked among the world’s top financial technology companies, it is no surprise that Celero has recently launched a business analytics solution. You will not want to miss the entertaining “interview – Style” session led by Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE who will be interviewing Len Hendricks, VP of Product and Vendor Management at Celero about this new offering. Be prepared to gain insights on data analytics, and update on their Beta and understand the uniqueness that is the Credit Union system in Canada.

The Business Use of Data Analytics: What is the ROI and How to Achieve It
The challenge is on for credit unions to meet the customer engagement bar set by companies like Amazon, Zappos and Simple. The reality is that over 95% of credit unions lack the resources and the time to implement and maintain this level of technology investment. Credit unions have to pool their resources and collaborate to make this happen. Much like Shared Branching and ATM networks, this is a problem best solved by CUSOs. This session will focus on how predictive analytics and innovation is being used to address CECL, loan pricing and Payday lending.

Marketing Automation - The Critical Last Mile
The term Marketing Automation comes up frequently in discussions regarding marketing strategy. This session will start off by focusing on what marketing automation is and how it can be highly effective in that "critical last mile" - engaging the end user. The second half of the presentation will then focus on how Affinity Plus FCU has implemented and benefited from marketing automation.

Credit Union - Analytics Best Practices Competition
The Analytics Best Practices competition will feature 3 finalists who will have the opportunity to present their Analytics application to a panel of judges. Some of the key criteria for success will be the business value and the repeatability of the application. This is a yearly highlight of the conference - learn real-world techniques from other credit unions to improve your analytics today!


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