Analytics Track

The Analytics Track is designed for those that understand their world is changing and seek a way to stay ahead of the curve. Analytics is not an “IT project’, it is a core strategy that must be completely embraced by FIs to not only survive but to thrive. Data is the new Gold and FIs must find a way to collect, store and mine that data. Outside of the big banks, most FIs lack the resources or the time to implement the technology and the processes to harness the full potential of analytics. We will be looking at how analytics can be implemented at any FI, regardless of size, from a number of perspectives that include, implementing a winning analytics strategy, collaborating with other FIs to achieve data scale and share applications, the power of predictive analytics, how to best visualize data, what is trending in Big Data technology and seeing what other FIs have already done. There has never been a conference like this, for those who believe that analytics is the future – you have come to the right place.


Innovation Track

The Innovation Track will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. The future of finance will not be built on software changes or new digital channels. It will be built on how we take the channels we have created to the next level. There will be breakthroughs in security and your members will soon demand things that once seemed to distant and difficult to deploy. Payments will be faster, smarter, more efficient and you will need to find new ways to monetize these new rails. How will you keep up? We will discuss the latest developments and innovations in Artificial intelligence, digital communities, interchange erosion, and identity with a focus on what this means for finance. Come find out why Credit Unions are in the best position to succeed in the new digital world.