AXFI Interviews: OnApproach’s Paul Ablack Recaps AXFI Highlights and Why Its Grown So Much…


OnApproach President/CEO Paul Ablack has been asking me for the last three years to attend/cover his AXFI Conference that he puts on with Best Innovation Group's John Best and CU 2.0/Ongoing Operations' Kirk Drake. Finally, this year the stars aligned and was able to attend/cover the conference.

I've heard really good things about AXFI, so expectations were high heading into the event. After two days of networking, attending keynotes and sessions, interviewing more than 20 attendees, and even being recruited to emcee the Digital Transformation Showcase competition, I must say my expectations were pleasantly exceeded. Pretty cool gathering, indeed -- especially if you enjoy innovation and data analytics revolving around today's financial services.

So on the last day, Paul finally had a few minutes to relax and chat about the 2018 AXFI Conference, as well as it tremendous growth in just a few short years. Check it out and let us know your thoughts -- and consider attending this conference in 2019. You won't be disappointed.
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